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Current Series - More


What if we are living a life below the full potential that God has for us? What if we are missing out on some of the biggest things God wants to do in us and through us? What if there is more?

During this series we are going to be talking about how there is more when it comes to the life we are called to live but most of us miss out on it because we want the more without the right foundation.

We believe this series is going to be a catalyst to some of the new things that God wants to do at One Ten and through those who attend One Ten. This is a don’t miss series at One Ten!

One ten Family Night


One of our goals at One Ten is be an influence in your student’s life. We also understand that we aren’t the only influence. Your student will spend about 52 days with us a year but almost every day with you.

We want to work together to help you influence your student in a way that will allow them to become the person that Jesus wants them to be. This does not happen by the One Ten team pulling in one direction and you pulling in another. This happens by us working together. We are better together.

The One Ten family night is a night in the fall where we plan on spending time with you and your entire family. There will be food, cornhole, and a fire. We can’t work together if we don’t know each other.

More information about family night will be released soon. To find out the information as soon as it is available you can sign up for texting alerts by texting:

@onetenp to 81010